Dynamic Duo

Mike Pagliarulo and Amanda Ettinger officially met in 2003 while working on a deconstruction crew for The Rebuilding Center in Portland, OR (although they could have crossed paths 30+ years earlier when they were both born in the same San Francisco hospital!) Easy laughter across countless de-nailing stations revealed their soul-mate synergy, and in 2007 they wed to become The Paglingers. Next, transforming their own homes further revealed their destiny to create things of beauty together. Today, after more than a decade of partnership, they continue to grow a business and family (Moses and Meadow are their brightest spots!) with a deep dedication to healing the planet, humanity, each other and each’s self.

Mike has a background in (wood + metal) sculpture, is a natural project manager, and avidly geeks out for building science especially as it intersects with sustainability. (He became a Certified Sustainable Home Professional in 2015.) He also loves fishing, backpacking, jogging, yoga…basically moving his body and connecting with the cosmos. His art is the ability to see the best in people and dive into his own best life. He’s the type of contractor you’ll miss having around once the project is done.

Amanda is all about balance and harmony. She’s spent a lifetime searching for “home” within herself and offers much wisdom and empathy from all she’s learned. Compulsively creative and crafty, she’s always thinking of ways to beautify and improve the functionality of physical space…ever in awe of how outer landscapes parallel inner ones. As Bright Spot’s chief designer, she uses Sketchup Pro to develop and share spatial visions with clients and is deeply honored to participate in each person’s process of transformation. Besides clearing clutter, she could walk in nature contemplating the universe all day, every day and never get tired or bored.


Our mission is to heal the world by helping people heal their homes.