How two soul mates came together

to create things of beauty for a living

and for the good of the planet...

Amanda Ettinger and Michael Pagliarulo were born in the same hospital in San Francisco in the late 1970s. However, they didn't actually meet until 30 years later and 600 miles north in Portland, Oregon where shared passions for recycling led them into jobs as Deconstructionists for The Rebuilding Center. Although it was "spark" at first sight, it took 2 years of dismantling houses side by side and laughing (okay, flirting) across many a de-nailing station for them to admit their crushes on each other and go on their first date. The rest is history, but we'll tell you a little more ;)

When their "Decon Days" came to a close, Mike and Amanda veered over to the more creative side of the building industry and started putting homes together instead of taking them apart. They used their two houses as experiments in which to cultivate some design-build skills, incorporating as many salvaged materials as possible to achieve highly unique, comfortable and beautiful living spaces. In 2007, they got married and became the Paglingers (did you see what they did there?) and in 2010 they started the business of Bright Spot to offer their talents in spatial transformation to the community. 

Now with a family (Moses b.2013 and Meadow b.2016), Mike and Amanda are in a smooth rhythm of co-creating great solutions to people's spatial challenges, with Amanda sketching up the designs and Mike executing them with superior craftsmanship. They are honored and excited by each opportunity to improve lives by healing spaces, and they hold happy visions of how to grow Bright Spot into a powerful force of positivity in the Portland area and beyond.


How Bright Spot got its name...

Before they dated, when they were merely co-workers, Mike and Amanda had a sweet bond in which Mike could appreciate Amanda for her spirit even when she was having a bad day. He would greet her with a big smile and say "Hey, Bright Spot!" which had a way of lifting her spirits and turning her mood around. This dynamic of seeing through darkness to the best in people and things, their inner light, is at the very core of what Bright Spot Design-Build is all about.