From stranded to saved

I found this poor baby on a curb, tossed out like trash. I just couldn't turn my head and ignore the sad fate that seemed to await this diamond in the rough. Those drawer pulls! They magnetized me! Although it was in rough condition, I knew its bones could be healed and that with a good sprucing up it would look amazing. As deconstructionists do, we took everything apart (even the drawers), salvaged what was good (almost everything!) and replaced what wasn't. A final finish was applied to enhance all the special qualities of this unique piece. Completely rehabilitated, this dresser is now a fashion statement in itself. It is truly functional art.

Check out the "Before & After" section below to find out more about this amazing transformation!









BEFORE: The ragged, veneer-type finish didn't show off the beautiful surface grain of the drawer fronts and did nothing to set off those amazing pulls.




AFTER: We refinished the drawer fronts in a saturating oil finish that shows off the wood grain. Painting the pulls and everything else in black created a visual contrast that enhances the beauty of the bare wood.

BEFORE: The drawers were pretty disgusting and in need of repair (busted seams, etc.)

BEFORE: The drawers were pretty disgusting and in need of repair (busted seams, etc.)


AFTER: We completely rebuilt each drawer, sanding and repairing the solid sides, backs and fronts but replacing the bottoms with new masonite. 


BEFORE: The chewed up base of this cabinet was unsalvageable, so...


AFTER: We replaced the base with new wood and added new feet for extra stability and good looks.


BEFORE: Underneath that ragged veneer was actually a beautiful wood grain pattern on each side of the cabinet. Although we didn't want to clear-coat the entire panels, we did want to do something with these natural designs.                 


AFTER: It didn't come out as obvious as we planned, but we did enjoy highlighting the interesting wood grain pattern on each side of the dresser by painting the black right up to the edges of it. Just a little something fun to make this piece extra unique.


BEFORE: The crappy old drawer runners were probably the reason this dresser got kicked to the curb in the first place!


AFTER: Can't beat brand new metal tracks. It felt so good to make this upgrade. After all, one of the most important aspects of a good dresser is drawers that move with ease!