Our process is comprehensive and clarifying. 

We'll take you from initial concepts through to final inspection and beyond.

Start with Why...

Wherever we first find each other, we like to get the "Why" for your desired project...the ultimate goal for how your life will improve by altering your home...into full view. Once its identified, we'll focus on it like a beacon of light, because we only want you to invest in what's going to make an important difference in your life. So be ready to dive deeper than just "I want a new kitchen!"


2 Phases:

Design and Planning covers everything from the free meet and greet to having a fixed-price construction contract in hand and being one signature away from breaking ground. What this phase actually looks like depends on your needs and your project. Design-saavy clients might do a lot of the legwork themselves...like researching and sourcing materials...whereas those with less time or interest will put more things on our plate to plan out. The Design Agreement is basically a menu of services (like creating computerized drawings, connecting with subcontractors, and pricing out finishes) that we perform for an hourly rate based on what is required by the project and desired by you.

Construction Phase is when all the aspects of the spatial dream we've designed come to fruition. You'll be seeing a lot of Mike...which is a good thing!... and he'll be doing his best to have a low impact on your lifestyle while also keeping you engaged in the process. Open communication is an important value of ours, so hopefully construction will feel more fun and co-creative than burdensome. We treat your home like we would our own, so our top priority is your comfort and satisfaction with the process and the final product.

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