Does your Room need a Revival?


  • Do you have a space that isn't working for you? Its cluttered, under-utilized and brings you down just to look at it...certainly not representative of its (or your) best self.

  • Do you crave feeling awesome there instead? You want this space to feel peaceful and purposeful, and you know it has that potential.

  • Are you down with deep transformation? You're ready to let go of what's holding you back and welcome what brings you joy, but you need some support to make that happen. 

Call on the Bright Spot "Space Coach!"

we'll provide a vision, a plan and helping hands to bring your space back to life.

Room Revival Packages: 


Starter Kit

1.5 hr one-site consultation with pre-session "Inner Quest-ionnaire" 


1-2 page Report summarizing and expanding on session content


Pinterest board of product and style ideas




45 min. follow-up session on-site or via Skype, your choice.


            Written session notes,             brief but helpful!


Pinterest board conversation and development



These products are great for those with a DIY streak who just need a nudge from an empathetic coach to get them moving in a positive direction. Follow up sessions are definitely recommended to make sure challenges are troubleshot and momentum is kept up. 

For those who are ready for the whole enchilada, a full-on transformation from head to toe in your room of choice, we offer customized estimates for a comprehensive design-and-build package after an initial session.

Our On-Site Insight will give you invaluable empathy, clarity, priorities, perspective, and most importantly a path forward


Be amazed by how investing in an external transformation will effect powerful, positive change in your life.

When you elevate your environment, your inner world rises to meet it!