From Gloomy to Gorgeous

The Chapmans’ existing partially finished basement had several undesirable features like metal windows, an acoustic dropped ceiling, obtrusive ductwork and a weird closet around the electric panel. We transformed it into the warm, cozy and multifunctional space they needed by upgrading those things and adding built-in storage and 3/4-height partition walls that create comfortable zones for play, guests and entertainment without chopping up the flow of natural light. Recycled wood trim, a custom barn door, and wool carpeting help create a natural vibe that is welcoming to the whole family.




Happy Homeowners


This was an amazing experience! How awe-inspiring to have watched Michael and Amanda completely transform our basement. They helped us discover our intentions for the space, created a clear vision, and made it a reality! Not only are we able to have a deeper sense of connection and play within our home, but we are surrounded by absolute beauty in our new space - made possible by Amanda’s design work and Michael’s incredible craftsmanship.
It was a joy to work with these two. They are talented, kind, compassionate and truly care about the people they are working for.
We are so happy in our new space and hold deep gratitude for this gift that will keep on giving for many years!
— K.M.

behold the Transformation...

BEFORE: Weird closet in corner, no door to laundry room, and ugly ductwork.

AFTER: Closet gone, custom barn door added, ductwork hidden.

BEFORE: One big open space, little privacy for guests.

AFTER: Semi-private sleeping area for guests, without blocking light.

BEFORE: Painted concrete walls, dropped acoustic ceiling, metal-framed windows.

AFTER: New framed, insulated and sheetrocked walls. New vinyl windows, including egress.

BEFORE: Patchwork of carpets in main area, ugly vinyl at entry and rubber baseboard throughout.

AFTER: New wool carpet and reclaimed wood base throughout.

BEFORE: One big open space.

AFTER: New guest area cleverly created with partial walls on two sides, one of which is made of wardrobe cabinetry (entertainment center on other side).

BEFORE: Non-compliant stairs.

AFTER: Improved headroom, rise/run, handrail and surface (carpet added)...Compliant!