Amanda Paglinger

Amanda is a natural at listening deeply, coming up with clever ideas and solving spatial puzzles. Thus, being a "space coach" and designer for Bright Spot is the perfect role in life for her! She has always been compelled to create beauty, either by crafting functional art out of found materials or reinventing a room to make it feel better. Its in her DNA to design spaces (her father is an artistic architect and builder) and to make the world a better place (her mother is a multicultural diversity educator). 

Amanda's resume is eclectic and includes things like building houses with her father and trails for the National Park Service, tearing houses apart for The Rebuilding Center, and teaching building skills and yoga (not in the same class!) But everything has led perfectly to the creation of Bright Spot as a way to inspire to personal growth and connection to the environment by raising the vibe of people's living spaces.

For fun, Amanda likes to explore and share the world's abundance of wisdom teachings and traditions...her current faves being feng shui, Eckhart Tolle and A Course In Miracles. Its safe to say that seeking spiritual truth is her favorite hobby. She can't wait to completely lose herself in any kind of project that involves healing one's life by healing their surroundings. She loves putting her creativity towards that purpose and is filled with gratitude for any opportunity to do so. 


Michael is an awesome dancer, dad, provider and project manager. He excels at connecting to people's bright spots right away and making them feel comfortable and appreciated. We're warning you, after Mike finishes a project in your house you are going to miss having him around all the time, and you might even want to continue a friendship with him! 

Mike likes to geek out on building science and solving the puzzle of how humans can relate to the natural environment in a harmonious way. His hobbies of backpacking, fishing, swimming and watching documentaries about the cosmos exemplify and strengthen his passion for being a mindful participant on the planet. By March 2015 he will be a Certified Sustainable Home Professional and is ecstatic to apply his new wisdom on the topic to your home.

Studying Fine Art at Bard College solidified Mike's interest in making sculpture for a living. Though he took the more "practical" route after college of working in various trades (as a welder, deconstructionist, and assistant to other local design-builders) he is winding his way back to making art as a first priority. Its a matter of perspective, actually. Whether he's making a staircase handrail, a basement wall system, or custom built-in storage, he sees himself as installing art into your living space so that you may feel inspired and alive. He just wants to support others in being their best selves. That's the gift he's glad to share.


Michael Paglinger