We are dynamic duo Mike and Amanda Paglinger and Bright Spot Design-Build is our cherished collaboration.


Our Story

We were born in the same hospital in San Francisco in the late 1970’s, but we didn’t meet until 25 years later and 800 miles north in Portland, where shared passions for home improvement and healing the planet led us both into jobs as deconstructionists for The ReBuilding Center. After many hilarious conversations across a denailing station and through dust masks, we fell in love and realized we were destined to create things of beauty together.

Since our “Decon Days,” we’ve remodeled two of our own homes, are growing a family (our first was born February 2013!) and have been nurturing the business of Bright Spot since 2011 to fulfill our mutual life’s purpose of promoting personal growth through the built environment. There is always a bright spot, wanting to shine no matter how obscured!